Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth Permanently

If you are missing teeth either through tooth decay or a severe accident, you have options for replacing those teeth. Having gaps in your teeth affects your ability to chew, the way you speak, and of course the look of your smile. With dental implants, you get a permanent replacement of your teeth to restore the look of your smile and your ability to properly chew your food. Anchored into the jaw with a screw, each implanted tooth will be permanently placed with strong durability.

General Dentist

Get a New Smile You Will Proudly Show Off

There are many issues to discuss before placing the implant into your jaw. There might be a need for a removable abutment to which a tooth or group of teeth are connected for added support. The process may involve numerous sessions to ensure that the implants are properly in place so the teeth look and function the way you need them to. If you having missing teeth that you need replaced, call us to schedule your initial consultation.

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