Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment 

If you have a broken tooth, bacteria can get into the root and cause an infection. This will result in accelerated tooth decay and severe pain, especially when you partake in extremely hot or cold food or drink. La Michoacana Dental Care can provide you with effective root canal therapy to alleviate your pain and to prepare the tooth for a crown that will help protect the remainder of the tooth against further decay and infection, which can lead to tooth and even jaw bone loss.

General Dentist

How it Works

We will drill into the tooth to clean out and seal the infected pulp section of the tooth. This will remove the infection and prevent further decay. After the tooth is successfully sealed, we can place a crown on the stump of the tooth to restore the aesthetic look of the tooth and allow you to chew properly as you were accustomed to before the damage to the tooth. If you have a broken tooth that is causing you excruciating pain, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss if root canal therapy is appropriate in your case.

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