Anxiety-Free Dental Treatment

Many people have anxiety when it comes to significant dental work; there are even some with anxiety for just traditional cleanings. There’s no reason why you should be uncomfortable when you sit in the dentist chair. At La Michoacana Dental Care, we can provide you with sedation dentistry, allowing us to complete the work you need completed while you remain calm and free of anxiety. Even through the most complex procedures, you will be comfortable the entire time, and the treatment will be over before you know it.

General Dentist

Sedation is NOT for Everyone

It’s important to note that we cannot provide this service for all patients. Our specialists will discuss the options available to you, but we will not administer sedation to anyone if we feel there is a risk to your health and safety. In the event that sedation is appropriate in your case, we will thoroughly discuss the sedation process, so you have a full understanding of the sedatives being used. We will also ensure that you have a friend or family member here to safely transport you home, as driving while under the influence of sedatives is dangerous and illegal. For more information, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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